Students offering knowledge/no-how to do innovative business development is being sought and enlisted by the TTCC to assist our business members in a broad array of applications.  Students are given opportunities to promote those capabilities and network to applicable businesses through various TTCC Programs.


Young professionals from our tri-town communities will join our business/government leaders in monthly facilitated conversations on topics important to professionals in today?s market.


We encourage you to spread the word to the young professionals in our communities to participate.  See Boonton and Mountain Lakes School Websites:


Please feel free to contact Michael Stora, 201-602-9568 with any questions.

Student/TTCC Relationships


The Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce recognizes the importance of mitigating costs for its member and has developed a Young Professionals Leadership Forum.













The Forum develops sabbatical/mentorship relationships with business organizations.

It open doors to potential work tutorship roles with local influential business professionals, that can lead to employment, that would be mutually beneficial to both.


The Tri-Town Chamber believes the forum/open door program between our young high school and college students provides a real life experience in their career path decisions.


The ability to enlist business leaders that present an understanding of how business functions and the related processes involved to our high school students is a role we earnestly support.





TTCC Student Scholarships


Each TriTown Community is awarded annually at school year end to a deserving son/daughter of a TTCC Member owner or employee, entering or participating in an academy/vocational/college program  as well as our student members.  Scholarships are given based upon scholastic, volunteer support, and business involvement in the TTCC Communities.



The program gives students information from the business community to help them prepare for college, work and life. The LearnDoEarn program (Learn More Now, Do More Now, Earn More Later) was created in response to employers' concerns about the limited availability of qualified workers. The Chamber works with students by organizing weeklong career summer camps, career days and by going directly into schools to work with students and help them understand the skills required to succeed in college and the real world.

Visit the LearnDoEarn website:


Morris County Young Professionals Committee

Morris County Chamber of Commerce offers our under-40 members the opportunity to both leverage their youth and learn how to be more effective – and successful – business people. The committee offers a unique combination of networking, learning and skills building and giving back to the community.  See website:

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