Board of Directors


Michael Andalaft

John Cantaluppi

Ray Clause

Ann Corigliano

Kevin Eckert

Dominic Gallo

Gary Goldsmith

Fred Kanter

Karen Korinda

Dr. Paul Lewandowski

Joe Macesek

Steve Onopa

Jack Onorati

Jill Osias

Michael Stora

Jim Sweynor



President - Michael Stora

Vice President - Dr. Paul Lewandowski

Treasurer - Jill Osias

Secretary – Ann Corigliano




Membership Committee   Jill Osias - Chairman

Communication Committee   Steve Onopa - Chairman

Resources Committee  Dr. Paul Lewandowski - Chairman

Revitalization Committee   Jack Onorati - Chairman

Government Liaison Committee   Michael Stora - Chairman



TTCC Board/Public Planned Meetings

7/12/2016     8:00am Roma's Pizzeria

8/9/2016       7:00pm Victoria MEWS

9/13/2016     8:00am Mountain Lakes High School

10/10/2016   7:00pm Schumacher Chevrolet

11/8/2016     8:00am (TBD)

12/13/2016   7:00pm (TBD)



TTCC Board Meeting Minutes

5/10/2016 Meeting Minutes

6/14/2016 Meeting Minutes

7/12/2016 Meeting Minutes

8/9/2016 Meeting Minutes




Letter From President


The Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce

has been challenged in 2016 to rein-

vest in its business communities.

Through new leadership, programs,

membership recruitment, cooperative

relations, revitalization development,

and government liaison, the Chamber hopes to invigorate our business enterprises.  As we invest in you, we encourage you to invest in us to achieve shared goals and success.


The TTCC is a non-profit organization, led by business volunteers, dedicated to enhancing our business communities, and our mindful of your concerns and support needs. With your membership, the Chamber can enlist your help and financially develop programs that support your needs and maintain feedback.  This assures the services we offer are effective and meet your expectations.


So, please join us in making Boonton, Boonton Town-ship, and Mountain Lakes an attractive business/service rich environment that benefits all.





Michael J. Stora


Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce (TTCC) of Boonton, Boonton Township and Mountain Lakes, PO Box 496, Boonton, NJ 07005  -  -  [email protected]