Government Liaison Committee


Michael Stora - Chairman

Boonton Municipal Rep

Boonton Board of Ed Rep

Boonton Township Municipal Rep

Mountain Lakes Municipal Rep

Mountain Lakes Board of Ed Rep

Morris County Freeholder Rep

Morris County EDC Rep

New Jersey State Assembly Rep

New Jersey State Senate Rep

US Congress District Representative Rep


The primary objective of the Government Liaison Committee is to coordinate and gather government support from one another to enhance the business environment.  Meetings will revolve among committee organization locations on a quarterly basis. Represent-atives of the committee are chosen by their respective organizations/offices.  These individuals are empower-ed to speak as non-committal authorities in offering guidance, crafting committee resolutions to enhance business relationships, and serve as official liaisons for their respective organizations.  Any formal action must be reviewed and approved by their respective organi-zations, although informative dialog and guidance are expected to be significant function served.  All non-confidential dialog will be made available as Government Liaison Committee Minutes on the TTCC Website.



Government Liaison Committee Services


  • Establish a working relationship with representatives from Boonton, Boonton Township, and Mountain Lakes  municipal governments and school Administrations, as well as those from the county, state, and federal elected officials representing the communities.
  • Focus of the Committee is on enhancing businesses for each community and related legislation effecting them or their customers.
  • Specific roles of defining respective regulations, business operations, property issues, tax implications, economic development, etc., effecting the business community.
  • Reducing the process by which a developer or business entrepreneur must undergo to establish/maintain  their organization.
  • Determine common processes/programs that can be shared and utilize by the TTCC to educate/assist businesses in their application.
  • Participate/guide TTCC revitalization development to control/enhance high ratable implementation acceptable through stakeholder/public forum processes.


School Liaison

  • Establish a youth business education and outreach through a joint TTCC/school district after school education program for our students/businesses owners.
  • Identify/market a student/business mentor program to provide real-life, on-the-job training for interested students and business supporters.
  • Establish innovation opportunities for students to enhance government/business through our student talents.




Government Liaison Committee Meetings

- 12/14/2016 Meeting 7:00pm (Location TBD)

- 3/15/2017 Meeting 7:00pm (Location TBD)

- 6/14/2017 Meeting 7:00pm (Location TBD)




Government Liaison Committee Minutes


Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce (TTCC) of Boonton, Boonton Township and Mountain Lakes, PO Box 496, Boonton, NJ 07005  -  -  [email protected]