Business Education Series

The Business Education Series sessions are intended to provide Chamber members with opportunities for practical up-to-date information and training on topics of interest to business. It is a compendum of educational institutes and experts offering seminars, webinars, workshops, classes, and consulting services to enhance your business.   In addition, the series provides members, who are experts in these topics, and are willing to provide educational assistance to other members, the benefit to make connections with those participant members and increase their visibility.  Our resource team provides guidance on what may be available and provide guidance on where to look and utilize the internet to apply/subscribe.



Webinars are free on-line seminars from experts in a broad range of subjects.  Although it is impossible to highlight these, we do offer a seminar on how to find those applicable needs through internet searching.


TTCC Seminars/Workshops

The TTCC will enlist both its expert members in legal, regulation, advertisement/marketing, architecture for property owners, accounting from our CPAs, financing by our bankers, insurance, management consulting, and many others.  Invited speakers on variety of subjects will also be solicited.  Following the seminars the TTCC will conduct a networking event to give participants and others coming for the network event to further enhance their customer relationships.



County College of Morris

The County College of Morris is a great partner with the TTCC Members, offering local school evening classes and campus classes for business employees.  We encourage our members to take advantage of these educational opportunities for its business employees, to enhance the operational work force and promote individual career advancement.


The Center for Business & Technology at CCM welcomes you to explore the many ways they can educate your employees at any level. In 2003 the State of New Jersey designated community colleges as the primary providers of workforce training in the state. County College of Morris through the Center for Business & Technology, has offered such training for all types of business since 1994. We feel that an investment by business and industry in continuous learning and training strategically positions its workforce for regional economic development and growth. With this focus, upgrading the current skills and retraining the workforce in the greater Morris County area remains the primary objective of the Center for Business & Technology.


Other Chamber Education Offerings

Other chamber educational series will be solicited and joined where permitted, that extends the programs offered to our members.

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