TTCC EDC Committee

Jack Onorati - Chairman

Michael Andalaft

Ray Clause

Dominic Gallo

Fred Kanter

Michael Stora

Main Street Design Committee

Boonton Historical Society

Boonton Arts Council

Senior Citizen Groups

Canal Society of NJ

United Railroad Historical Society of NJ

Government Liaison Committee advisement


The EDC Committee is dedicated to support Economic Development through desirable historic theme, mixed land use development, expanded business real estate and product offerings, infrastructure improvements, retention and attraction of business. Working with stakeholders and government partners to develop a climate conducive in maintaining the quality of life in the Tri-Town Communities of Boonton, Boonton Township, and Mountain Lakes.


Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce EDC Committee Work Plan


To achieve an effective EDC approach, the TTCC through the EDC Committee addresses five areas to assist our business communities, including:


  1. Marketing existing available real estate and search for business entities to fill those spaces.
  2. Establish links to State/Private websites for business employers to find potential employees.
  3. Application and distribution of tax incentives and grant programs for member businesses.
  4. Establish a cooperative financing service with local banks for TTCC Members.
  5. Revitalization planning for each community, enlisting stakeholders/public to refine recommend for municipal government approval.

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