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Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee (EDC) Mission


“The TTCC EDC Mission is to enhance the business environment, striving to promote, expand, and produce a customer-centered environment to attract patronage. Secondary is assuring the community has job opportunities that come from retail, office and professional services and that the development and access to those businesses is not hindered by its infrastructure. Focus on a historic theme and antique center/museum development, transportation/green research technology, while addressing housing, cultural arts and resident recreation, balances the various stakeholder interests of the community.”


Primary Objective: Take pro-active action to redevelop and revitalize community business areas of the Boonton RiverBasin/Main Street/Myrtle Ave, Mountain Lakes Rail Station Complex/Rte 46, and Boonton Township ARC Industrial Park/St.Claire Hospital corridor, with local regulatory issues or concerns.  Sponsor and promote a formalized revitalization and redevelopment plan for with local government organizations.


Raise the public awareness of the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce EDC efforts within the community through participation in community events and partnerships with community organizations.






Tri-Town Chamber EDC Goals

To achieve an effective EDC approach, the TTCC through the EDC Committee addresses five areas to assist our business communities, including:


1.  Marketing existing available real estate and search for business entities to fill those spaces.

2.  Establish links to State/Private websites for business employers to find potential emplyees.

3.  Application and distribution of tax incentives and grant programs for member businesses.

4.  Establish a cooperative financing service with local banks for TTCC Members.

5.  Revitalization planning for each community, enlisting stakeholders/public to refine recommend for municipal government approval.


TTCC Property Owner Members are offered website listing of their properties with descriptions/contact points.  The TTCC through its Economic Development Committee will actively seek out potential business interests for lease/or purchase of the property.  The website is hot-linked to other sites, who may bring interested parties to you.  We also encourage Property Owners to participate in our revitalization efforts involving redevelopment of the town's business districts, in which the owner could become an investor and leveraging their respective property into a larger development effort.


Employee Recruitment website support a listing of job opportunities/description/contact information on the TTCC Website.  You also have links to solicit potential candidates at:

NJ Employment Service (

Monster.Com (

Career Builder (

NJ Jobs (


Tax Incentives and Grants   The TTCC EDC efforts will seek to obtain from its respective municipalities Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Rehabilitation Zoning for the critical commercial districts qualifying under NJ statures to incentive investment in our communities (see state website for more info  This also applies to tax credits under Federal New Market tax incentives for investors, as well as many under the EDA/EPA/DOE/HUD agencies.  These awards would serve property owners/investors in our revitalization efforts.  Other government grant opportunities will be solicited to create distributed funding to qualified chamber members (   Businesses and non-profits can independently solicit funding where applicable.  Others may require local municipality involvement.  Another source  for grant opportunities can be subscribed through private grant monitors such as, Grant Watch.Com



Boonton Main Street/NJ State Main Street - Tri-Town Community Organizations Coordination    These organizations perform an important role in their community commercial business environment, offering perspectives/guidance on how their communities should be revitalized.  This dictates their involvement as stakeholders in any planning process and ultimate consensus and acceptance of any EDC effort.  See website links to learn more about their offerings:


New Jersey State Organization Main Street                     Boonton Main Street       




Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce (TTCC) of Boonton, Boonton Township and Mountain Lakes, PO Box 496, Boonton, NJ 07005  -  -  [email protected]