Resources Committee

Dr. Paul Lewandowski - Chairman

Michael Andalaft

John Cantaluppi

Ray Clauss

Gary Goldsmith

Michael Stora

Jim Sweynor

Main Street Organization

Morris County Chamber

Other Surrounding Community Chambers




The Resources Committee establishes and coordinates the primary service benefits to the TTCC Members.  As further outlined the Committee provides educational/networking/event planning/cooperative sharing programs.   Networking with other chambers and related programs to share education offerings, business relationship development, and event opportunities.


Whether you are an existing business owner in need of resources, or an individual ready to start your own business, we have the resources that you need. TTCC    is committed to cultivating business environments that develop and encourage entrepreneurs and small business within each of our communities.


The TTCC Chamber of Commerce also supports member business development by offering low or no cost educational opportunities on topics of interest to the business community.

Resources Committee Services

- Networking Events - Be a Sponsor

- Webinar-Educational Programs

- Speaker Events - Special Quests at Meetings/Events

- Community Events

- Sidewalk Sales

- Coordination with Main Street Events

- Coordination with Other Chamber Events

- Golf Outing - Be a Sponsor

- Boat Regatta Race Event - Be a Sponsor

- Food/Wine Tasting Contest Event - Be a Sponsor

- Art Exhibit Event - Be a Sponsor

- Joint Service/Product Discount Program

- Grant Solicitation - Distribution Opportunities

- Purchasing of Goods/Services as a Cooperative

- Joint Legal/Regulation/Financial Assistance

  Cooperative Coordination (businesses serve as a

   provider/coordinator of their business offerings in

   joint effort, i.e. attorney group offer new business

   filings, municipal permits/lease/purchase/personnel

   agreements; or bankers offer business checking

   loan/credit line products; at preferential

   discounts services to Chamber members)

TTCC has launched a fund raiser effort as part of its membership drive for the Boonton Kiwanis First Aid Squad (  To support their financial needs (See "Home" page for KFAS Ltr}, the TTCC WILL DONATE A PORTION OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES TO THE KFAS.  This serves to enhance the TTCC'S ability to service your interests and the important job the Kiwanis Squad does for all three communities.

Small Business Development Center(SBDC)

An integral part of our commitment to member development is our Small Business Development Center(SBDC) which provides a number of business educational/professional guidance programs.


Business Education Series

The Business Education Series sessions are intended to provide Chamber members with opportunities for practical up-to-date information and training on topics of interest to business.  In addition, the series provides members, who are experts in these topics, the opportunity to make connections with other members and increase their visibility.


Regional Chamber of Commerce Links

Provides access for TTCC members to area chambers with their respective participation in networking, educational programs, and special events and likewise with our efforts.


Joint Cooperative Coordination

Establishment of shared cooperative efforts among like members to service one another with a goal to reduce their respective costs costs and increase competitive position.


Charity Events

Invites members to sponsor/participate in charity events to raise funds for student scholarships and non-profit grants.  These events include Golf Outings, Sail Boat Regatta, Food Tasting Affair, Painting/Sculpture/Modern Design Art Review, Wine Tasting Event, Tricky Tray Awards Banquet.


Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce (TTCC) of Boonton, Boonton Township and Mountain Lakes, PO Box 496, Boonton, NJ 07005  -  -  [email protected]